Creating fresh starts
and new directions

Eight Principles That We Stand By

1. Mission. We provide clients with documents and services as well as insights and guidance to help them achieve greater career fulfillment. Our ultimate goal is to enable people to better articulate their skills and experiences and how they have made a difference.

2. Detailed & Blue-Sky Approach. We bring a dual focus to each client we serve. We take care to get the tiniest details right in providing top-notch documents and related services, and we assist clients, where appropriate or when requested, with strategic or blue-sky thinking to help them rethink possibilities for next steps and new directions in their careers.

3. Value Focus. To help clients compete in the job market to the best of their ability, we work with them to identify outcomes from their past or how they have made a difference. We have found this to be especially important as we have learned in working with clients over the years that many good, hard-working people are unable to advance in their careers in part because they struggle to fully articulate their value. We relish opportunities to help clients rise above this situation so they can attain greater professional and personal fulfillment.

4. Quality. We strive to go beyond what is expected by providing superior quality and service, and our minimum quality standard is that we are not satisfied with any document until the client is satisfied.

5. Timeliness. Because we fully understand that pursuing employment is inherently time sensitive, we make every effort to complete each client project within the time frame initially specified.

6. Respect. We greatly value the opinions and wishes of clients. We work with clients collaboratively in a friendly, open way to ensure their complete satisfaction with the documents and services that we provide.

7. Honesty & Integrity. We quote a single, flat fee for most projects, or an hourly rate for some projects that are difficult to quantify. Either way, we give each client a number and we stand behind it, plain and simple.

8. Professionalism. The information that clients share with us is held in the strictest confidence. We will always honor the trust that they place in us with the utmost seriousness.