Creating fresh starts and
new directions since 2007

Here's a Snapshot of How We Work and How We Can Help You

We start with an 'uncovery.'

1. We start with a "client uncovery." During the initial interview and discussion, we will work with you in a friendly, collaborative way to uncover or identify the skills, experiences and knowledge that define you as a unique individual and job candidate. During the course of our discussion and where appropriate or applicable, we can offer suggestions and strategies for handling needs that include managing multiple career directions or targeting an earlier career direction, or with challenges that include overcoming employment gaps or having held numerous jobs in a relatively short period of time.

We define your full value.

2. We present your full value. We carefully craft resumes, as well as LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and other tools, to maximize the value that each client has to offer. The resume that we will create for you will present you as a compelling, memorable candidate by clearly showing the difference you can make and will include key branding or positioning words to underscore the value that you have to offer. In addition, your new resume will be written to align effectively with today's keyword-driven applicant tracking systems.

Then you move forward as a stronger you!

3. Then you move forward as a stronger you! With a new or revitalized resume, you are able to provide a more convincing presentation of value and as a result can increase your ability to secure interview requests and job offers. We have assisted numerous clients in the past with their career goals (see Testimonials) and would welcome an opportunity to do the same for you. Contact us today to take the next step!

For additional details about how we work, please see Process.

And ... if making a career change is a priority for you, we can also assist you by creating a "breakout resume" - a resume that shows employers how your skills and experiences translate or are relevant to positions in new industries or employment sectors.